Advanced PK / Silica & Amino


How to achieve richer and superior harvest

Every proper grower is continually trying to improve their cultivation practices in order to increase the yield and quality of resulting harvest. There is no doubt that everything is dependent on the correct process of photosynthesis. This means, among other things, the right ratio and availability of major nutrients and trace elements. In the following article we will get to know the best fitting nutritional supplements for your plants.

Photosynthesis is a very complex chemical process where plants transform photosynthetically active radiation, water, CO2, and nutrients into sugar for their own purposes, i.e. growth, flowering and maturing. Apart from sugar, photosynthesis also generates oxygen, which is released by plants into the atmosphere. Without it, humans and animals could not survive on Earth. The goal of each and every grower should therefore be to maintain the process of photosynthesis at highest levels possible and try to reach its maximum efficiency. In this installment, we are going to leave aside light conditions and carbon dioxide – and focus on nutrients.


Advanced PK

Nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) are basic nutrients essential to grow healthy and strong plants. These elements are present in the vast majority of liquid and solid fertilizers as well as properly mixed growing substrate. A lack or excess of one of these elements can have fatal consequences. Nitrogen affects the general growth of your plants and is needed most during the growth stage. Plants containing enough nitrogen have large green leaves and grow fast. On the other hand, nitrogen deficiency results in slow growth and gradual yellowing of leaves. Phosphorus is an element indispensable to all organisms living on Earth. It is a component of plant’s DNA and works as the engine of system distributing energy in the plant. It is of a great importance for the proper development of flowers. Potassium plays an important role in metabolism of carbohydrates, providing plants with strong cell walls and thicker tissues. We can’t forget to mention that potassium improves nitrogen utilization and significantly promotes stronger growth of the root system. Plants need potassium throughout the whole life cycle – more during the flowering stage, along with phosphorus, because these two promote the formation of larger buds. All three discussed elements play an essential role in photosynthesis.

In the flowering stage, it is advisable to supply larger doses of phosphorus and potassium in order to encourage the formation of flowers. The vast majority of professional cannabis growers follow this rule. The Advanced PK fertilizer with a balanced phosphorus / potassium ratio is perfect for this. Advanced PK suits well for growing indoor as well as outdoor and can be used as a supplement to Dutch formula liquid fertilizers or with any available range of other fertilizer companies.


Advanced Silica

A number of surveys have proven that plants thrive much better in soil rich in silicon. Silicon is an indispensable building material that strengthens the walls of cells. It provides plants with greater resistance to fungi, infectious diseases and adverse weather conditions. Silicon also stimulates the absorption of other nutrients, such as phosphorus, which has been already mentioned as an essential element. When you add it to your nutrient solution, you will promote healthy plant development and plants will have more energy for their growth and formation of flowers. In order to supply silicon to the plants, it is advisable to do it in the form of a hydrolyzed silica solution. You can find it i.e. in the product called Advanced Silica. It can be added not only to the solution when fertilizing all types of substrates, but also sprayed directly on the leaves. Use it from the beginning of the growth stage and stop around the fifth or sixth week of flowering stage.


Advanced Amino

Amino acids are integral part of the total nitrogen content in the growing medium. Their uptake by plants is essential for a well-running photosynthesis and thus the expected quality and weight of your harvest. Apart from that, organic amino acids improve the natural resistance and vitality of plants, improve their root system, promote faster and more dense flower formation, and allow for easier uptake of primary and secondary biogenic elements. You can supply the necessary amino acids to your plants with Advanced Amino. This product is particularly suitable for plants in need of extra energy, i.e. in the early growth stage when leaf surface is sufficiently large; shortly after trimming; after too much irradiation, or before the formation of first flowers. However it is possible to add Advanced Amino during the whole growth and flowering stages. Your plants will become healthier, more resistant and will grow faster.