Shantibaba , Mr Nice Seed Bank and CBD crew would like to give professional instructions how to use Dutch Formula from Advanced Hydroponics of Holland, outdoor and indoor.

We have been using Dutch Formula for all our indoor mother rooms, clone rooms and greenhouse grown flowers since it was developed back in the early 1990 in Holland. 

 In our 18 hr rooms where we keep our prized mother and father plants for over 30 years, we have never had any problems and all plant health has been maintained excellently.

We do tend to use a ratio of 2 parts Dutch Formula Grow,  1 part Dutch Formula Bloom and 1 part Dutch Formula Micro for this arrangement.

In our 12hr flowering greenhouse where we grow all strains at various times of the year, we tend to favour 1 part Dutch Formula Grow, 2 parts Dutch Formula Bloom and 1 part Dutch Formula Micro as the best suited ratio of feeding.

Sativa stains we use a lower EC and tend to use no Dutch Formula Grow , 3 parts Dutch Formula Bloom and  1 part Dutch Formula Micro as we do not wish the Sativas to grow taller than after the first 2 weeks of flowering.

The results have always been very satisfying no matter which medium we use. We do find that rockwool and coco fibre have had results of up to 1kg per 1000 watt lamp for Critical Mass and Nordle as well as CBD Nordle and CBD Critical these yields have always enabled our farms to profit well and made our growing efforts very rewarding.

The real test is over a long duration of time and this has been our best result. Consistency as a grower is important and flavour of the flowers an essential aspect in choosing Dutch formula. We continue to use in all projects worldwide this reliable and well developed nutrient for Cannabis growing, breeding and maintenance of mother and father plants.

Hope this information will bring satisfy results.

Shantibaba 2017