Advanced Natural Power line


After more than 20 years of delivering our successful Natural Power products to our clients, we thought the time has come to update this product line by integrating the latest available know-how and production technologies. 

The last year and a half, we worked hard to improve the availability of the active ingredients in the products and to make a big step in making the products more ethically and environmentally justifiable. The first objective was obtained by employing better digestion technologies and improved filtration, the latter by replacing any animal-derived amino acids with plant-based ones. 

As a result, we now can provide our clients with very pure, nearly golden-coloured, and particle-free products that are easy to apply by drip or spray. Moreover, our fine filtration will improve the uptake of nutrients and organic compounds as smaller organic molecules will be better able to enter the plant by its leaves or roots.  

In short: what are the changes and improvements made?

Highly improved production technology used ==> better filtration, no larger particles, smaller molecules, better absorption, better results.

No animal-derived ingredients used ==> higher ethical value, no dependency on the environmentally destructive animal industry, more pleasant smell, feel and look of the products. 

Better applicability, either by foliar sprays, drip irrigation or drench.

We are convinced these product improvements will also bring substantial improvements to our clients. Try it out, and share your experiences!