The Aqua System

About this product

The original Aqua System by AHoH,

is a simple and efficient hydroponic system which allows perfect results without any special growing skills. The system can be extended with a water reservoir (Controller) which makes it easy to distribute the nutrient solution in all of your units at once. Aqua System contains two pots placed one inside another and all necessary hoses, tubes and joints, as well as a small compressor which provides the watering and oxygenates the nutrient solution. Aqua System is designed for home growing. The growing itself is very easy. The setup of one unit takes five minutes and can be done by anyone by following the directions in the enclosed instruction manual pour the nutrient solution in the outer pot, fill the inner pot with clay pebbles and plant 1-3 plants. The fewer plants you grow, the bigger plants you will get. Join the compressor with the switch clock and set up the watering according to your needs.In well ventilated areas with the temperature of 25-28 degrees Celsius (77-83 Fahrenheit), you can let the watering system work during all of the light period – thus the compressor can be plugged in the same switch clock as the lamps. Or, you can distribute the watering into regular 4-8 cycles a day, 15-30 minutes each. Dimensions: diam 43cm, high 44cm, 13 litre 

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