Advanced CalMag

About this product

Advanced CalMag is a supplement which consists of a balanced Calcium (Ca) and Magnesium (Mg) ratio. Adding Advanced CalMag will ensure your plants have all the nutrients they need for healthy and strong growth.

Average European tap water has an EC value of 0.4 – 0.5 and contains a certain amount of Calcium and Magnesium. We sometimes also refer to water as ‘soft water’ if it contains little calcium and magnesium. Water which contains a great deal of calcium and magnesium is referred to as hard water. Advanced CalMag would be a highly desirable addition to your plants’ nutrition in case of rainwater / osmosis water, or rather soft water.

Advanced CalMag would also be an excellent supplement to compensate for the reduced calcium absorption resulting from growing your plants under LED lighting.

Advanced CalMag will allow you to realise a balanced mineral concentration in the water. It represents a good foundation for rebuilding the feed water and can be used during all phases of the growth and flowering process if you’re dealing with a calcium and magnesium deficiency.


Advanced CalMag Benefits:

-  can be used for both indoor and outdoor cultivation

-  increases fertiliser absorption

-  improves the quality of the yield

-  is suitable for both the growth and flowering phases

-  can be used on all substrates

-  can be used with any watering system.

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